Hepatits B - hepbmd.com - Directors Cut

This is the director’s cut of the 5 animations joined together.

We stripped back the voiceover and content to allow ourselves to enjoy this minimal design and friendly animations in this cut.

A big thanks to Miguel Simoes for creating the short version of the audio to fit this cut perfectly as well as the bespoke music compositions for all the animations.


HEPBMDTM is designed to help healthcare professionals navigate the challenges associated with the diagnosis and management of patients with chronic hepatitis B (CHB).

Visit hepbmd.com to learn more about hepatitis B and watch the full animations.

Client: Gilead

Agency: The Hive Health

Production: Mondi Studio

Director: Joao Monteiro

Storyboards: Joao Monteiro

Design & illustration: Joao Monteiro

Animation: Joao Monteiro, Joao Real

Music & sound design: Miguel Simoes

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