Eurostar - PIS Animations


The purpose of the animations was to inform Eurostar passengers about a specific subject without having to use language or audio.

(1) Luggage: what to stow and where


(2) Seat Environment: to shot the seats new features. How to recline the seats, turn on the lights, and extend the tables in the different classes. 



Client: Eurostar

Direction & Production: Mondi Studio

Director: Joao Monteiro

Character Dev: Nata Metlukh, Silvia Prieto

3D Environments: Joao Monteiro

2D Character Animation: Silvia Prieto, Nata Metlukh, Sebastian Cuervo, Omar Labbad, Joao Monteiro

3D Modelling/Texturing/Animation: Joao Monteiro

2D Asset designs: Adam Avery, Joao Monteiro

Compositing: Joao Monteiro

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